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. i get to gloat today. >> bill: igor volsky from think progress will join us as he does every tuesday. reid epstein from politico and then we'll talk sports with jack moore, the sports editor for "buzzfeed." but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> on this tuesday, a check of other headlines making news. a new we the people petition on the white house web site gaining buzz for a new reality show to be produced that would star the vice president. the petition states that joe biden has a demonstrated ability to bring people together whether at the negotiating table or at the neighborhood diner. the authors are asking the white house to authorize c-span cameras to follow biden around produce a recurring reality show. the petition needs 25,000 signatures by february 3rd to get a response. >> bill: i love. it i'll sign it. i love it. what would it be called? the joe biden story? >> bill: all you have to do is follow joe biden around. >> here comes honey biden. >> the late president richard nixon's 100th birthday will be celebrated in washington tomorrow. the hill reports some 400
-- what am i saying? oregon. i knew it started with an o and igor volsky will be here from the center for american progress. thinkprogress here as he is every tuesday morning. the boy scouts may be coming out of their tent. you won't believe it. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news on this tuesday barbara walters, she fell and hurt herself over inauguration weekend and ended up in the hospital. turns out it was something bigger. abc reports it is a case of delayed childhood. the 83-year-old "view" cohost has the chickenpox. she never had it as a child. one in 10,000 adults go et it reach year. she's off work for several weeks and is not allowed visitors because she's still contagious. >> bill: it is scary when you get chickenpox as an older person, as a senior. >> how old is she? >> 83. >> how do you go 83 years and never have chickenpox? >> bill: did she ever have kids? >> i don't think she did. that's a good point. >> bill: because we know we get all of our diseases from our kids. >> we had the chickenpox, i had it when i was a kid. >> bill:
." >> bill: hey, 26 minutes after the hour now. igor volsky from think progress joins us for his weekly visit in the next segment of the "full court press." we'll talk about what state after state after state is now proposing to do starting with new york. led by new york on the issue of sensible restrictions on access to weapons of mass destruction. right now, we're talking about this farce of a news conference yesterday. it wasn't the president's fault. the white house press corps letting him off the hook and keep asking the same question as if they think they're going to get a different answer no matter how many times they use it. drives me crazy. pete summer. >> we're tweeting at bpshow. fred says the white house press corps has been an embarrassment to democracy for the past 30 years. they just don't know how useless they are. paul says i know the mainstream media are a pack of morons. that's why i watch bill press. >> bill: oh, my god. >> at bpshow is our twitter handle. >> bill: i'll tell you i always have a question ready at those news conferences and i would never ask the same questio
this in because our friend, igor volsky tweeted about the confirmation of john kerry. he said john kerry will have a lot of travel to do if he wants to catch up to hillary clinton's record. >> ketchup. >> he spelled it ketchup. >> right over my head. that was bad. >> pretty bad. >> eleven minutes -- sorry, igor. >> i thought that was brilliant. >> of course you did. >> bill: 11 -- >> so much dan hating? >> they hate me. >> that's why i am kept in a box. >> shut up. shut up. >> because you are wearing a giants hat dan. >> bill: chocolate. eleven minutes after the hour. here we go. it is the full court press, meredith shiner from roll call and cindy boren from the washington post talking sports coming up a little bit later. but first. going to let dan do this? >> who cares? >> i am surprised you guys are letting me do my little news report here but there are some other headlines making news nfl players' association has negotiated a deal with the football league to fund a $100 million study at harvard university to lock at football player health head in
think progress, igor volsky here as he is every tuesday. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> check of other headlines making news on this tuesday. >> bill: headlines? >> i can skip this if you want. >> give him the option. >> the wife of new new england patriots player is not happy about her husband's team losing to the baltimore ravens. it was not just elvis tom. it was anna burns welker, wife of wes welker. she took to facebook saying she was proud of her husband's game but that everyone should go to ravens' player ray lewis's wikipedia's page. he has six wives. what a hall of fame player and true role model she wrote. she later had to -- >> by the way, all of those things true. >> well, except for the four wives part. she had to later release a statement apologizing for the post. "usa today" did fact check it say ray lewis has in fact never been married. >> he does have kids from that many mothers. he's never married them. ray lewis not a nice guy but if you're going to lose, lose with some dignity. >> she did apologize sort of. >> bill: he's retiring, too right? >> y
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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